One of the notable things to do in Taipei is to head to a coffee shop – but not just any. The world’s highest Starbucks in Taipei 101 is on the 35th floor, and getting a table at it is anything but easy.


With two good friends I had met on a tour, we decided to check the place out. Little did we know however, that you have to make reservations, dress up for the occasion, and fight for a table. Here’s how to do it.


How To Get In

  1. Call and book a reservation. If your mandarin phone skills aren’t up to par, ask a stranger to do it for you. The people of Taiwan are so nice, I doubt you’d have any problem finding a willing volunteer. +886 2 8101 0701
  2. Show up on time, dressed smart casual, in the lobby of Taipei 101 (Taipei 101 MRT station, end of the red line). Make sure you’ve got some money with you – you’re going to need it.
  3. Wait for your name to be checked off a list, and walk with the group towards the elevators. Remember, the last one on the elevator is the first to get off.
  4. Arrive at the 35th floor, here a short speech, and walk down the hallway to the Starbucks.
  5. Grab – read fight for – a table, place your order (I believe there is a 300 NTD minimum per person), and enjoy the wonderful view!


Despite being the first off the elevator, I was pushed out of the way by two Korean girls so they could get one of the window seats. So what I’ve learned from this is that if you want the window view, you’ve got to be merciless. Enjoy!


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