Working on a cruise ship you get limited time off. Scratch that actually, you get virtually no time off. After six months of working hard you’re ready for your vacation. Most crew spends it at home with their friends and family, but it can be tough to adjust to life on land. Here are six things I found myself doing while on vacation from a cruise ship; you’ll probably do them too.

1. Checking to see if you still have your name tag on.

What may look like me awkwardly feeling my chest, is actually me checking to see if I have my name tag still on. We wear them all the time, and to not be wearing it is akin to a criminal offence – so we tend to check a lot.

2. Resisting the urge to smile and say hello to everyone you pass on the street.

Living in rural Canada, this one is an okay habit to have. If you’re living in the city though, you might want to stop the hellos lest someone thinks you’re off your rocker.

3. Stacking up items, then second guessing if they’ll fall when your house leaves port.

Many a time have I stacked my sweaters up while home, only to worry if they’ll tumble off my dresser with the slightest shift. It takes me a minute to realize that once I place something somewhere, it is not going to move – strange, right?

4. Sitting on you bed hunched over, thinking you’re still in your bunk.

They don’t leave us a lot of room onboard, so if you want to watch a movie in bed sitting up, you’re going to have a hunch back. The feeling of not waking up in a bunk bed where you can’t sit up is a strange one.

5. Eating your meals at a breakneck pace, despite having nowhere to be.

Everything on the ship is about rushing. You rush to work, you rush to sleep, you rush your meals so you can have a more time to sleep. This habit, while efficient, is a tough one to break.

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