When I talk about my adventures, I usually start off my stories with “that time I was in Casablanca” or “When I was backpacking through Indonesia”. I love to travel to new countries, experience new cultures, and generally stay as far away from Canada as I can. I’ve done it as often as I can, because I always felt there was much more to see on the other side of the fence. Fortunately though, I’ve realized how wrong I was.

“Travel isĀ not defined by crossing an international border.”

Travel isĀ not defined by crossing an international border. It’s defined by trying something new. Experiencing something on the edge of your comfort zone. If you’re not a little bit nervous, you’re not doing it right. You don’t need money, an extraverted personality, or even a passport to travel – you simply need to try something new. Drive somewhere unknown for a weekend. Visit a place in your city that you’ve never had the chance to go. Check into a hostel in the town next door to meet some new friends. Even the smallest actions can have the biggest impact on your life. Go with friends, go with family, go by yourself, just go. You’ve got nothing to lose except yourself.

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