things to do in casablanca

It had been a while since I had visited Africa, so a trip was necessary. The continent offers such a variety of different cultures, languages, people, and places that each time I visit it, I feel like I’m in a completely different world. With our current ship itinerary, we make a stop in Casablanca each cruise for a full day – this gives me heaps of time to explore the port, and everything it offers. Here’s my list of recommendations for cheap things to do in Casablanca.

things to do in casablanca

Have your breath taken away by the Hassan II Mosque

First on the list is the Hassan II Mosque. Open to the public for tours between the hours of 2 and 3PM, you can get an inside and in-depth view of how this mosque was built, and how it’s currently used by the people of Morocco. With beautiful paintings, lofted ceilings, and a roof that opens and closes like a football stadium, this place is definitely going to leave you impressed. It’s the second largest mosque in the world, and tours are offered in multiple languages. Make sure you’re there on time, or you’ll be struggling through the German tour, like I did.

things to do in casablanca

Shop until you drop in Casablanca’s street markets

What visit to a foreign place wouldn’t be complete without markets. Close to the city centre, in the old district, you’ll find shopkeepers selling everything from textiles to souvenir magnets. Browse through the canvas covered streets, winding down small alleyways beneath white-stained buildings. The further you stray from the city centre, the more local the markets become. Careful not to get lost, as it’s easy to end up in an area where you’re bartering less for watches, and more for live chickens.

Soak in the sun at the beach district

For those looking to spend a lazy day on the beach, or more likely in one of the clubs lounging by the pool, I recommend the beach district. Further West than the Mosque, you can reach it by taxi, or about a 30 minute walk from the city centre. Grab a drink, catch some rays, and enjoy the Moroccan hospitality.

things to do in casablanca

People watch over a coffee at the downtown train station

Offering an escape from the loud sounds of the bustling city, you’ll find several elevated coffee shops, clothing stores, and restaurants to observe locals catching their trains, and meeting up with old friends.

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