One of the great things about Perth is that there’s always something to do. Despite being the most isolated city in the world you’ll still find plenty within the CBD. I had heard about an interactive museum downtown called SciTech, so I decided to check it out. Not too many of my mates are into science museums, but I did manage to wrangle a few people who were interested in going; my good friends Jennifer from Sweden and James from Australia.


We first caught a bus into the CBD. Our apartment was at Curtin University on the South side of the city so it took a bit of creative transportation planning to get anywhere we needed to go. Luckily a few years prior to our arrival the city had installed a light rail line running the North-South highway through the dark side of Perth, so we usually caught that to the city. Today, the train wasn’t working, so we got to ride a bus for what seemed like 7 hours to get to the city.

Not wanting to overstimulate our brains with an entire day of science, we made a pit stop in the CBD. It’s along Hay and Murray streets that you can find lots of shopping, restaurants, and general things to do. These pedestrian-oriented areas are great places to spend the day in Perth, while the nearby Northbridge area has got all your nightlife needs covered.


An area to check out is the London Court – a British-themed alleyway in the downtown. Take a stroll down here to buy some exotic tea, or pretend you’re anywhere else in the world besides in this sweltering heat.

About SciTech

A good afternoon of spending money behind us, we made off on our second train to get to Sci-Tech. We rushed in through the doors, payed our $10 admission fee, and started to explore the complex. To our surprise, we had very-much misjudged the target audience of the museum, as it seemed to be oriented to people well beneath our age range. Not wanting to spoil a good time, we made due and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Different themed rooms let you learn about different areas of science, technology, and engineering. Even as a third year science major, I was still able to learn quite a bit from the museum. Among my favourite exhibits was a camouflage wall, which for no other reason allowed us to dress up in ridiculous zebra ponchos and take a photo.

Later on, we caught the train back home and I spent the rest of my night planning my trip to Thailand, instead of studying for exams – it’s important to have your priorities straight.


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