I’m the kind of guy who likes to take risks.¬†I risk moving to a new country with little to no money saved¬†up. I risk that the caves I’m diving into don’t¬†contain things that want to kill me. I risk that the cables I’m using to climb mountains aren’t¬†going to snap. I’m all about the risk because it makes me feel like I’m young, but I’d like to continue feeling like I’m young for a long time, which is why I purchased a $100 smoke detector.

Recently I lost a good friend to Carbon Monoxide poisoning; a free spirit like myself. It was a terrible thing to happen for anyone affected. In addition, a building in a city next to mine had recently burned to the ground. Combining both these events with a sobering realization that my hot water heater is installed inside my apartment, and cross-examining it with my knowledge on how well my building was constructed (insert heavy sarcasm), it was the right decision to purchase a detector.

Ubiquitous in Canada, no matter where I searched I couldn’t find one in South Korea. I found emergency descent ropes, fire extinguishers, but no actual smoke or CO detectors. I took to Gmarket, the Amazon of the ROK¬†to see if I could find any. While they were plentiful online, not many retailers sold integrated smoke-CO detectors, and on their own, they¬†were looking to be about 30-40 dollars a piece.

Rationalizing The Purchase

I decided to combine my new found safety mindset with my love of gadgets, and purchased the Nest Protect. It’s a smart smoke-CO detector that connects to your phone through WiFi. You can monitor the status of your apartment anywhere in the world, and it has a bunch of other handy features that I’ll let you explore on your own. For the extra 40 dollars at most I would have spent on it, I definitely consider it to be a worthwhile investment. While it’s not my intention to stay in Korea forever, it is my intention to take my new detector with me. It has a seven year life, and is incredibly easy to set up. Set and forget is no longer a thing, as every night when I switch off my lights, the ring around it softly glows green to remind me that everything’s okay.

I’d recommend everyone reading to make sure you have both smoke and CO detectors installed in your home, but if you’re looking to spend a little more for a cooler product, then I’d definitely recommend the Nest Protect.

Choose the room the detector¬†is in? Oh Nest! You’re in Korea now; the bedroom is the only room.

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