I’m not much of a longboarder, but I am a firm believer in the “fake it ’till you make it” philosophy; it’s basically how I became a graphic designer, so naturally, I own two longboards and occasionally, unsuccessfully, attempt to skate. This is my review on what the longboarding scene is like in Korea.


Fortunately for me, there are other skaters in Korea – so most of the time I’ve got the safety of numbers to stop the stares from regular pedestrians.

Korea’s recently been featured in a number of online posts and videos showing dancers in places like Yeouido (여의대) in Seoul – where the vast majority of skaters tend to hang out. There are plenty of places however in Korea to skate. If you’re looking for hills, they’re everywhere. There’s not too many open spaces, but Korea makes up for it with miles and miles of biking paths all over the city. If you’re just looking to cruise, I definitely recommend this option. The bikers might not like you, but you’ve got just as much of a right to be there.


I usually go with a meetup group of a few other skaters; we start at a station and basically cruise around for a few hours. What’s great about cruising down the bike paths is that everyone has a Bluetooth speaker – and we’re no exception. Talking with friends, being active, and listening to great music is a fantastic way to spend a Monday morning. If you’re looking to find a group of people to skate with, you’ve got a few options. Check out meetup and facebook for a few different groups – or just head on down to Yeouido station, Banpo bridge, or basically anywhere along the Han to meet some new friends.

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