Living in a hostel full time isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be a life of no privacy, loud parties, dirty dorms, and unnecessary stress. It can also be one of the best experiences of your life. No matter how you find your experience, here are six things that you’ll for sure learn how to do when you live in a hostel full time.

How To Fluently Swear In Other Languages

German, French, Mandarin, Swedish, and Tagalog – you can say bad words in them all. Your hostel mates are always keen to trade a few dirty words in their native tongue for a few in yours. They say learning how to swear in another language is always the first thing you learn – unfortunately you never really remember how to say anything beyond that.

How To Sleep Through Anything

Whether your brain turns off, or your ears turn off, you’re not really sure. The drunken shuffling of the party crowd returning at 4AM, the creak of your bunk bed as your bunkmate climbs onto the top, the early morning packing, or the two backpackers hooking up across the room – you name it, you can sleep through it. You’re so adept at sleeping through loud noises, you sometimes wonder what would happen if the fire alarm went off.

How To Instantly Make Best Friends

Arguably one of the best parts about living in a hostel. You see someone check in, you ask them where they’re from, and then you go do stuff together. You two bond over you love of travelling, talk about the places you’ve been, the places you want to go, and your wildest stories. At the end of the day you say goodnight, waking up to discover your new best friend has already packed and left. It’s alright though, because there’s a new guy checking in right now who will go grab lunch with you.

How To Live A Life Of No Privacy

The only privacy you’re going to get when living out of a dorm is in the bathroom – and even there, it’s not that much. You quickly learn to change either in the shower, under a towel, or under the covers of your bed. You become desensitized to others knowing things about you, evidenced by the fact that the contents of your backpack are sprawled across the floor in front of your bed. Everyone knows everything, and you don’t mind.

How To Put Your Trust In Strangers

“Hey, can you watch my computer for a second?” You find yourself saying to the random girl reading a travel guide in the common room as you head to the convenience store. Everyone’s had something stolen in a hostel, but somehow you’re still a trusting person – even with complete strangers. Maybe it’s the travel atmosphere, or maybe you’ve just been on the road too long, but you feel like you can trust your hostel mates with your life.

How To Feel Truly Free – Even When You’re Not

There’s something about the atmosphere that makes you feel free from responsibility. Sure, you’ve got work deadlines, and you might be cleaning the rooms early in the morning, but the revolving door of free-spirited travellers seems to take all your cares away. You finish your work (or pretend you did), grab a beer, and head to the common room to laugh the night away with kindred spirits.

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