Off the Northwest coast of Africa, in the Canary islands, you’ll find a small paradise named Lanzarote. With towering volcanoes, sprawling fields of black rock, white washed houses, and Spanish hospitality, this is an island you’ll soon be wanting to cross off your bucket list. From a part-time resident (every ten days between the hours of 9 and 5) here are my top six suggestions of things to do on Lanzarote.

Explore the extraterrestrial world at Timanfaya National Park
Looking unlike anything on this planet, drive through the lunar route between the fire mountains and be humbled by the enormous volcanoes, and gargantuan rocks. This twisting road takes about 45 minutes to drive, but isn’t recommended for those that get carsick.

Eat some volcanic-cooked food at the Devil’s Restaurant
Located on a dormant volcano, this restaurant allows visitors to experience food cooked by the extreme heat of the magma deep below the Earth. Visitors often can view demonstrations on just how powerful the heat from the volcano is. Digging your hand a few inches in the soil will result in serious burns, or ignition of anything flammable, like twigs or branches. The ground is safe to walk on though, don’t worry.


Soak up the sun in Arrecife
Enjoy a day in the city as your explore twisting alleyways, eat at hidden restaurants, and lounge on the sandy beach. Arrecife mixes the modern comforts of a tourist town, with the old traditions of Lanzarote – and the food’s not too bad either.

Go wine tasting in La Geria
Visit the La Geria growing area and taste delicious wines grown in the fertile soil. Covered from the elements and sprinkled with volcanic sand this wine is truly delicious… or maybe I’m just drunk. Either way, I’ll take a bottle to go, please.


Explore the Jameos del Agua
It’s a restaurant, it’s a cave, it’s a concert hall! This converted lava tunnel is a must see – leaving you feeling relaxed, humbled, and at peace. Stop for a bite to eat underground, or for a concert – the acoustics are fantastic.

Have your breath taken away by the Mirador del Rio viewpoint
If you’re a sucker for a view, you’ll want to visit this place. Designed by Cesar Manrique, this viewing platform (and cozy cafĂ©) will leave you breathless – and not due to the altitude. Looking down you’ll find a long drop, sprawling fields, and a winding river to the ocean. Hold on to your hats – there’s a pretty strong breeze coming up the mountain.







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