Yesterday instead of coming to terms with my academic responsibilities, I decided to jump on a boat with 80 other exchange students and sail out to Lamma island. Junk trips are often a great vacation without actually going anywhere. You can hire a boat and take it anywhere you want to go for the time you hire it. In retrospect, it was a really awesome day, but I’m regretting it now for the fact that I didn’t wear any sunscreen.

We started the day with an early wakeup, running to catch the group as we were late buying mountains of junk food and beer at the grocery store. At 09:30, 80 pirate dressed Gweilos headed off to TST pier number 3 to meet our boats.

Arriving at the pier, we discovered that the boat had already left! No matter, there were enough of us that we needed two. We waited about 10 minutes for the other boat and started following the first out to Lamma island. An hour and a half later, we caught up to our mates and decided after ample alcohol, it was time to go for a swim. We dawned our swim trunks, ran to the side of the ship, got ready to jump, and held short. There were schools and schools of jellyfish surrounding us. Eventually, by combination of beer and heat, we just kind of ignored them and swam anyways. Not our wisest decision.

We climbed up on the highest point of our boat, and people started to jump off the back. After determining the water was safe from being stung I grabbed my friend Francesca, and we jumped, only to have right at that moment a huge jelly float right out from the aft of the boat. The water was cool and refreshing, the stings were not.

The rest of the day was spent with random pirate themed adventures, like noodle fighting, dancing in the pouring rain, penguin dives, and trying to surf a rescue board.

Among my favourite moments were:

  • Swimming out to a rock far away from the boat, dodging jellyfish with Alexis the whole time
  • Getting revenge on those who pushed me in with my clothes on
  • Running for cover to avoid the rain, then running back to join those dancing in it
I’d definitely recommend you hire a boat with your mates. It was a really fantastic day, but now everything hurts to move. Leave it to Hong Kong to give you the worst sunburn of your life on a cloudy day. Hey, at least I look really tan.

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