ocean high

It’s an amazing opportunity to travel and work abroad, but working on a cruise ship draws specific parallels to a high school experience. Here are the reasons why life on a cruise ship is referred to as attending “Ocean High”. Go Dolphins!

1. Acne

If you’ve ever wondered where the ship gets its water from – it’s the ocean. While modern desalinization techniques are actually quite amazing, it’s not always amazing for your hair and skin. Expect to see your teenage self in the mirror; acne-ridden, poor-postured, and awkward as ever.

2. Gossip

Everyone knows everyone’s business. Gossip is the ship’s official pastime, and it can be damaging to relationships, but oh-so-fun. Try not to hear gossip, and definitely don’t participate in it. There is a reason the high school gossip culture is best left at high school.


3. Drama

Whether it’s between your coworkers, or between your friends, there’s always some sort of drama happening aboard the ship. Much like your teenage years, while it can be entertaining, it’s best if you don’t involve yourself in it, unless you want it affecting your life constantly.

4. You’re Always Tired

Remember when you were a teenager, and it seemed like you could sleep forever? No amount of time could quench your fatigue? Welcome back to that life, as no matter how much you sleep, your alarm will always leave you feeling tired.


5. The New Kid

When you work and live with the same people day in and day out, you can spot a newbie in seconds. Embark day once in awhile brings a lucky new kid to school, and they’ll be stared at, and wondered about by almost everyone aboard.

6. Cliques

The cruise staff doesn’t talk to the spa girls, the chefs only hang out with the photographers, and you best believe the Youth Staff are the cool kids. Welcome to the wonderful world of ship cliques, where in an environment with an already-small population, we’ve decided to make our groups of friends even smaller.

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