The sun was rising, the ship was docking, and I was making up excuses as to why I should be let out of “norovirus training”. I had joined my second cruise ship rather impulsively, so it was only a few days before docking that I discovered we’d be visiting Halifax, and a few more before I realized one of my best friends from the great city of Hong Kong lived there.


I was meeting up with my friend Kali, a born and raised Nova Scotian, whom I hadn’t seen for almost two years. The last time we were together, we tore up the city centre with our friend Faith from the UK. With some last minute planning, I agreed to meet Kali at pier 21 – a fitting place to begin my first journey into Atlantic Canada.

We spent our morning exploring the harbour, hiking up to the citadel, and taking photos with our printed out photo of Faith. Beaver tails and poutine were had, and after a long few hours of seeing the sights, we decided to stop into a Mexican restaurant for some tacos, in honour of our great times spent at them back home.

Bellies full, and memories reminisced, we walked back to the car to explore the rest of the city. Stopping to take pictures here and there, and nearly dying in the huge traffic circle known as “the Armdale rotary” we made our way to the Dingle, a monument along the Northwest arm of the harbour.

Sir Sandford Fleming Park – home of the dingle (or more commonly known by it’s proper name – Memorial Tower) is a beautiful place to explore and look on the city from far away. A more impressive view can be found by climbing the tower, and seeing the 360 degree view it affords you of the city. We climbed, took many photos, and almost lost our paper friend Faith to the strong winds. Naturally, we spent the next half hour exploring the playground that the park offered, and unsuccessfully trying to skip stones into the water.

We saw the sights, we did some things, and all in all, it was a pretty average day of travelling. What made it amazing was the company I had. I really did appreciate that one of my good friends from so long ago would take the time off work to come show me around. I’m sure I say this in almost all posts, but it’s really not about the places you visit; it’s the people you meet, and meet again.

We spent the rest of our day driving up hills to get better views of the city, laughing and reminiscing about old times, bringing up old inside jokes, and buying a year’s supply of iced tea for me on the cruise ship, because American iced tea is disgusting.

I returned to Halifax the next week, and although I was unable to see Kali, I used my new found knowledge of Halifax, and my long standing knowledge of Canada to give my international friends a warm welcome and a tour of my home nation; we ate poutine, beaver tails, and I pretended it wasn’t as cold as it actually was.


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