Whether you’re living in, travelling in, or just passing through Taipei, I highly recommend seeing the city by running. While it’s a big place, the city is truly walkable (or runable) – there are so many things you can see by just taking a walk around that you might never have seen. Many say that Taiwan, Hong Kong, and a few other places are some of the only cities/states left that pay true homage to traditional Chinese culture – so why not experience that while staying healthy at the same time. Here are my recommendations on where to go running in Taipei, Taiwan.


Daan Park

Known as the Central Park of Taipei, Daan park is right smack dab in the middle of the city. It’s got a great path that loops around the entire thing that’s just shy of 2.5 kilometers. Parts of this trail are shaded, so while you don’t absolutely need your sunscreen, I’d still recommend it. Daan park is most easily accessible by Daan Park subway station on the Red line.



The River

I believe the river is honestly a bit of a hidden gem in Taipei. I lived in the city for about 3 weeks before I even knew it was there – and the views are honestly amazing. Encircling the entire city is a huge bike trail that runners are welcome to use as well – just stick to the right side of your path. There are a few rivers throughout New Taipei City, but all of them have this connected path – so just head towards the water and you’ll find one no problem.


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Everywhere and Anywhere

Taipei is a very well organized city; there are often two types of sidewalks when walking down a basic road. One covered sidewalk for pedestrians, and a regular uncovered sidewalk closer to the road which bicyclists often use. Feel free to use any of these paths for your running needs. If you’d like to run through the city without being constantly stopped by traffic lights – pick one of the main roads, the lights are about 80% in your favour giving you just a few breaks to catch your breath.


A Note On When To Go Running

At night, the exercise crowd of Taipei comes out in full force. Why? Because it’s far too hot to run in the daytime. Winters in Taipei are actually great for running in the day, but any other time and you’re going to be sweating more water than you can drink. If you’re not used to running in hot weather, learn from my mistake, and stay off the trails in the middle of the day. Anytime after 8PM or before 6AM usually has cooler temperatures.


  1. Still need to check out Da’an Park more. The river looks like it would be a lot of fun, but I went on the opposite end near the Miramar Ferris Wheel and it was just too hot during the summer to even walk along the river bank.

    1. Da’an’s got lots of shade which is great during summer. I remember almost getting heat stroke running along the river.

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