It’s easy to pick up on some of the aspects of another culture when you work in it. One of the unique aspects of Korean culture that I found was a heavy focus (dare I say obsession) with physical appearance. Going out in public, it’s important to be looking your best, lest you receive sideways glances from the rest of the well-dressed population. With such a heavy focus on physical appearance, there are lots of medical options if you’re interested in improving your appearance. I started seeing a Korean dermatologist to help me clear up some skin problems I was having, when she made the recommendation that I get some freckles removed in Korea. I’ve got an average number of freckles from my days in the sun. She suggested I get a few of them on my face and neck removed.

Now, I do like a few of my freckles, but I quickly found a few of them that I wouldn’t mind parting with. I rationalized the procedure by calling it an “experience” and paid up about 90 dollars to have 3 large freckles on my face and neck removed.

The Procedure

I showed up at the dermatologist, and after a brief wait was seen by the reception staff. They put a bit of topical anesthetic over my three freckles, and then after about a 20 minute wait I was ushered onto a surgical bed.

The procedure itself was done by my dermatologist with a laser, as a nurse stood by her side with a small vacuum for the smoke. For the first two minutes it was near painless, as the anesthetic had blocked the pain in that layer of the skin, but as the procedure progressed further, it started to get more and more painful. I would say I have an average pain tolerance, so it felt a bit like digging into my skin with a needle; not a fun experience, but also not enough to make me regret it. I was offered a shot of lidocaine but declined – since needles in my face don’t really sound a good time to me. After the procedure I was given healing bandages to place over the damaged areas daily for one week.

The Results

I didn’t actually do too much research on the procedure before hand, so I made the assumption that the freckle would disappear completely – boy was I wrong. I later found out that I would need to come back for several repeated treatments in order to get them to permanently disappear. Having nearly paid 100 dollars, I decided that one procedure was enough for me. It did however significantly reduce the shade of the freckle. It’s still visible, but not as much.

In short, if you’re looking for freckle removal in Korea – it’s a short, nearly painless procedure. You should be aware however that it can be a little pricy. Also, to fully remove the freckles, you will need to go for repeated treatments. If you have any questions, leave them for me below and I’ll try my best to find you some answers.

freckle removal korea
The immediate aftermath


    1. Hmm, maybe about a week and a half? It wasn’t long, but they never told me I would need repeat treatments, so I opted not to do it – and still have them. 🙂

  1. Omg! Yeaa I also do heard about Korean dermatologist, and it’s expensive too as u said u have paid 90$ for your 3 frackles so for the small tiny ones (frackles ) what is the cost ????

    1. Hey Tashi! Thanks for the comment. That’s a great question. I think it varies based on the dermatologist. I’d ask around in any expat groups you can find about experiences and best deals, and then go from there. Best of luck!

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