If you’re looking for a great picture of your time in Seoul, I would recommend taking a photo with the I Seoul U letters in Yeouido Park. These giant letters featured in cities around the world let you climb on them and get that perfect shot commemorating your time in Korea.

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If you’re looking to find it, head to Yeouinaru subway station and head out exit 2 or 3 – you will see the park overlooking the river with the sign.

Update – July 14, 2016


After much searching and confusion, it looks like the I Seoul U letters are no longer there. The park where they once stood is now an empty terrace. It’s hard to say where the letters went, and if or when they are coming back. I’ve heard that they tend to move around a lot, but I haven’t found any updates.
If you have found the letters, please comment below letting others know where they are!

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  1. Did you find out where it is now? I went there today but i was so disappointed that i didnt see it.. There are no links that say where the sign went ):

    1. Em, I haven’t heard anything as of yet. I’ll try asking some of my Korean friends, but I think the sign might be gone for good! Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

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