Today the lovely Miss Rebecca P and I worked together to make an Earth sandwich.  What is an Earth sandwich you might ask? Well, it’s when you take two slices of bread, and place them on opposite sides of the Earth, thus trapping it between the bread, ergo a sandwich. Now, a few people would say that you have to be exactly on the other side of the world for this to work… and those people would be correct, however this is the closest we felt we would ever be to achieving this, so we decided to seize the opportunity despite being off by a few thousand kilometers.
  Coming up with our evil plan to turn civilization into a finger food…
Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.22.36 AM
Arguing about the sandwich being lopsided, and not exactly opposite… Also arguing the location of Bermuda on a map.
Begin whole wheat ignition sequence.
The Canadian side has launch! No maple syrup though.
Australia side is go! Vegemite not included.
A proud day for our countries. What an age we live in.
We seriously need to get lives, this was the highlight of my week.

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