Ever wonder what it’s like to date on a cruise ship?

(It’s like high school, but worse)

Putting 1000 people of different ages in a floating city from different cultures and watching their relationships sounds like a social experiment – one that you’ve elected to be a part of. Every wonder what it’s like to date on a cruise ship? Here are the six problems you might encounter.

Everyone Will Talk About It

Ah the gossip. What’s a cruise ship without everyone talking about exactly what happened between you and your partner the night prior. Everyone knows, about everything. You’re not sure how, you’re not sure why, but they know. Try to tune it out and get on with your life, because sure as the sun will rise, you’re guilty of it too.

People will see you differently

Whereas you might have gotten favours from interested suitors before, you’ll suddenly be treated differently by everyone on board. Friends that don’t agree with your partner will start spending less time around you, and a whole bunch more people will become interested simply because you’re taken. It’s like high school, only with a lot more drama.

The Breakup

It’s going to happen. Few people foster their relationships past the end of their contract – and unless you’re dating someone in your department who signed on the same time as you, chances are you’ve only got a few months together. If you can get over that inevitability though, you’re bound to have a good time.

The Uncertainty

New crew sign on and off the ship every cruise. As unfortunate as it is, there’s always the chance that you or your partner will drop one another in a heartbeat for the attractive piece of “fresh meat” as they call it. Keep in mind that everyone is wearing a pretty thick pair of standard-issue ship goggles.

No Freedom

I know few couples who spend every waking second together on land, but that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing when you’re working with your partner. If they’re not in your department, you’re only going to be seeing each other about 12 hours a day. If they are? You’ve got the full 24. Good luck!

They’re probably already in a relationship

Perhaps the most important problem of all – there’s actually a good chance that your ship boy or girlfriend is already in a committed relationship back home. Cheating and hookup culture on board certainly is the norm, with many simply quoting “what happens here, stays here”.

It’s a tricky situation, but what are you going to do? Date passengers?

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