A lot of my friends who are interested in getting a job on the ship naturally have questions to what the interview process is like. While working on a cruise ship is an abnormal job, the interview process is not. When submitting your resume to different recruiters, you will generally have two interviews; one with your recruiter and one with your cruise line. Here are some of the questions you may be asked, and some tips and tricks for the cruise ship interview process. Good luck!


Interview With Your Recruiter

This is your first interview; if you made it to this stage, congratulations! If you didn’t, make sure to look around for other recruiters. I was only contacted by one of the recruitment agencies – so sometimes each agency is looking for something different.

This interview will generally take place over Skype by video or telephone if you submitted your application online. If you live in a smaller country – or this recruiter will soon be in a city near you, they may invite you to an in-person interview process so they can better get to know you face to face.

Making it to this stage means that your recruiter is already interested in you; you are showing the necessary¬†qualifications.¬†I was asked a few basic questions about my work experience, and a few clarifying questions about my language abilities, and that was basically it. The rest of the call was spent coaching me on what would be happening next (the interview with the cruise line). I was told that experience was absolutely key in these positions. I was informed to scrape through all possible experiences that could count towards my future position and use them on my resume. I then went through and added up all the possible years I’ve¬†spent working with Youth (even while I was still young) and passed it along to my recruiter. They then passed it along to the cruise line, who scheduled a Skype video interview with me.


Interview With Your Cruise Line

The interview with the cruise line was a bit more intense than the one with the recruiter Рbut no more intense than a regular job interview. A few tips; make sure your camera is higher than you to give you the best possible angle, obviously pick a quiet room (hopefully one with a plain or appropriate background) , and make sure there is lots of light on your face. I awaited the phone call about 10 minutes before, and the representative from the cruise line called right on time.

She asked me some pretty standard questions about my previous positions. We chatted about what I enjoyed, didn’t enjoy, found challenging, and wanted to improve about my old jobs. They were all pretty standard interview questions. As a tip, highlight your teamwork and leadership experience in this interview – as teamwork and leadership is paramount on a cruise ship. The only specific question that stood out for me was a hypothetical.

“What would you do if you were working in the children’s centre, and there was a huge storm that was rocking the boat?”

I answered the best I could – as I didn’t really know anything specifically about what a storm was like on a ship at that time – but my recruiter was only looking for my ability to think on my feet. In real life, storms are wicked fun. Some kids will need comforting, but most have fun rolling around on the mats as the ship lists back and forth.

I asked a few followup questions about the rest of the interview process, and the company representative guided me through everything else. All in all, it was a pretty simple, standard process Рunlike the actual job. For the rest of the interview / hiring process, check out my full post here. 


  1. Hello I really enjoy your posts and your content. I have received a job offer on a cruise line but curious to how was your medical exam with the doctor im a active person should I prepare in any way?

    1. Hey Ben,

      Sorry about the late response! If you’ve already had your exam – this is for anyone else who may be reading. It’s a pretty normal physical where your physician fills out a form they give you. If there’s anything that the physician has to check “does not meet requirements” on the form for, your cruise line will have their medical office reach out for extra information, which could include some of your patient records.

      There’s nothing you need to prepare in advance as far as I’m aware; it was a pretty straightforward process.

      Best of luck with your new adventure!

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