Hidden deep down in the lower decks of the ship is a small room that we all affectionately refer to as “Crew Bar”. The drinks are cheap, the people are happy, and it’s always a good time – because there’s nowhere else to go.

The Music

Except for specific nights, most often regular crew members are DJs. Armed with nothing more than their laptops and a carefully curated iTunes playlist, get ready for some 90s music, with the occasional techno thrown in because they left their computer on shuffle.

The Drinks

Cheap, cheap, and even more cheap. You can get your beers for a dollar, or a bottle of wine for three – definitely not what you’re going to find in the passenger bars up above. Don’t get too excited though – most ships have a very strict alcohol policy, so even though you can afford to drink like a college freshman, doesn’t mean you can do so without consequences. Keep an eye out for specific crew parties though, as a blind eye is often turned during these. Drink charges are automatically added to your room account, which is deducted from your pay every month – so spend wisely.


The People

Crew and only crew from all over the ship flock each and every night to their own recluse away from passengers. Where you can sit with your beer, in your ripped jeans, with a scowl on your face cursing like a sailor, and won’t face any sort of consequences; it’s a little slice of heaven.

The Dress Code

Non-existent… and we like it that way. I’ve gone to the crew bar in a pirate costume, my uniform, some fancy clothes and my PJs. It doesn’t matter what you wear – nobody’s going to tell you, and nobody’s going to care. Dress how you feel, because you forgot to pack everything else.



  1. It’s hard working with fantasy, adventure, excitement and of course we making money 💵
    So we have to just pass through it happil as a stage of life.

    1. Hey Joe,

      I’ve never been on the Regatta; even if I had, knowing crew bars on other ships, it would be like describing a maze to find it.

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