While studying at university in Perth, I had made quite a few Australian mates. Instead of the usual week off drinking goon, exploring the city, and checking out restaurants, I was invited to go on a camping trip with 3 of my good mates. I had done quite a bit of camping while living in Canada, but was excited to see how it different in Australia. One of my friends hooked me up for gear, and after buying some essentials, like a snorkel set, food, and lots of beer, we set off North to Coral Bay.


The drive up was a 13 hour long journey North of Perth and into the outback. We stopped several times for doughnuts, fried chicken, and to pick up camping equipment. We nearly ran out of petrol in a creepy small town that looked like something out of the movie Silent Hill, but other than that, the journey was fairly uneventful. Most of our 1032 kilometer long journey was spent listening to Macklemore, and freaking me out about how many poisonous and dangerous creatures lived in the place we were going. I like to act like my mates didn’t get to me, but when we got there, I was hesitant to step out of the truck.


We arrived to our campsite at 1 in the morning, and set up camp between the dunes. With the tents pitched and the fire ready to go, we hiked down to the beach and laid down to look at the stars. Never before had I seen so many in my lifetime. The combination of a moonless sky, and no civilization for hundreds of kilometers made for a light show I could have watched for months. In the short half an hour we laid there, I saw more shooting stars than I can count on one hand.


With the weather getting a bit chilly, we made for our tents in the dead of night. Halfway along the trail, torches in hand, we heard a rustling in the bush next to us. Myself, standing closest to it, moved away from the rustling at quite possibly the fastest pace I’ve ever moved in my light. Fear in our eyes, we shone our torches into the bush, expecting Mick from Wolf Creek, only to discover a kangaroo.


The rest of our week was spent snorkelling in the coral reefs, catching fish, getting caught in rip tides, soothing our sunburns, trying to hit on the girls at the next campsite over, reading lord of the rings, and making trips into the township of Coral Bay to get much needed supplies (doughnuts and water).


After a week, we packed up the truck and made way for Geraldton – our halfway point. After crossing the tropic of Capricorn and taking some photos, we arrived. We rented a cabin for the night, had our first showers in quite some time, and got some Maccas (McDonalds). The next morning we made for home in Perth. Great trip, eh boys?


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