Today I turn 24, which means I’m only one year away from being halfway through my twenties. It’s amazing how time flies faster and faster the older you get, but in an attempt to slow time down, here are 25 things that I hope to accomplish in my life before I turn 25 one year from today.

Those that are crossed out have been completed!

  1. Go Bungee Jumping
    I was actually planning on doing this one for a little while. There’s a place really close to me that lets you go for $25 dollars. I know what you’re thinking – bungee jumping isn’t one of the things to get a discount on, but I like the extra sense of adventure it adds. Wish me luck.
  2. Open A Retirement Savings Account
    I know, right? Not the most exciting of things to do in my life. While it’s not the most extreme thing on this list, it definitely might be the most important. Saving early will result in a lot more money to retire later.
  3. Commit To Exercise Regularly
    I’ve been in shape exactly one time in my life, so it’s time to get that under control again. At this age, pathological effects from food and a sedentary lifestyle are already starting to take hold. So to make sure I’m healthy going into my thirties, it’s time to start exercising.
  4. Reach 100 Blog Posts
    This one doesn’t seem so difficult, considering I’m more than halfway there, but finding topics and the time to blog regularly about is surprisingly difficult, especially when your own life is too busy to tell others about it. I’m still going to try though!
  5. Donate To Charity
    While I’ve given money to people on the street, and occasionally participated in a group fundraiser, I’ve never directly donated money to charity myself. In my 24th year, I’m going to try¬†on my philanthropist hat.
  6. Buy Stock
    A good friend of mine invests his money regularly, and I’d like to start off doing it as well. I don’t have too much time to give, so I’m thinking about opening a mutual fund, but investing for investing’s sake isn’t a bad habit to get into.
  7. Learn To Cook
    Growing up as the son of restaurant entrepreneurs, you’d think some of that would have rubbed off on me. Nope. Up until a few years ago, I was still making grilled cheese with a toaster and a microwave; it’s time to learn for real.
  8. Try Fasting
    I’ve never tried fasting for 24 hours from everything save water, and it’s something that really interests me. I’m still not 100% on the health benefits, but it’s definitely something that I can give a day to.
  9. Learn How To Meditate
    My friends who do it tell me their mind is clearer and they are more focused. While it’s highly likely I’ll mess it up, I’d definitely like to at least learn how.
  10. Commit To Learning Korean
    Up until now, I’ve just been skirting by with pointing and the occasional Korean word. I’d like to make an active effort to learn this wonderful, yet confusing language.
  11. Volunteer
    I had a one night stand with volunteering in high school, but I’d like to take the relationship to the next level. While I’m not sure of the ramifications of doing so on my current visa, it’s definitely a passion worth exploring.
  12. Be In A Commercial / Photograph
    Consumerism is big in Korea, and I’ve heard of many foreigners taking advantage of modeling and acting opportunities while teaching here. I’d be remiss¬†if I didn’t at least try to volunteer one of my Saturdays to¬†being slightly famous.
  13. Learn How To Properly Longboard
    Instead of just cruising around.
  14. Apply For More School
    While I make no guarantees on getting in – I can at least apply for grad school, right? Whether it’s college, a second undergrad, or a masters, I haven’t decided yet.
  15. Figure It Out
    At least for the next little while – no need to have my entire life figured out at this point, maybe just until Saturday.
  16. Dress In A Disguise
    I honestly have no rationalization for this one; I just want to. Suggestions are welcome.
  17. Finally Finish Reading Don Quixote
    It’s SO long, I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make it through it, but I’ve been meaning to figure out what happens to those windmills for some time.
  18. Don’t Kill My Plant
    Though Spruce Willis may share the resilience of his fictional namesake, he underestimates my failures with taking care of his kin.
  19. Eat Less Meat
    While more of a new years resolution than a goal to complete before 25, it will allow me to more consciously think about the foods I’m eating, and the impact I’m having on the environment.
  20. Spend My Holiday Inn Points
    Because they expire, and I have way too many of them. Who’s up for a party at the Seoul Intercontinental?
  21. Check Out the Korean DMZ
    With such an interesting dynamic between two once joined countries, why wouldn’t I do this affordable tour?
  22. Finish 3 Online Courses
    There are tons of free options for taking university level courses online. While it’s free to take the course, for the designation you’ll need to pay – but I’m going to learn just for the fun of it.
  23. Buy a piece of technology that I’ve¬†been wanting for a while
    Right now I’ve got my eye on some WiFi-enabled light bulbs. We will see what it is next month.
  24. Leave Things Behind That Make Me Unhappy
    Whether it’s a job, friends, or hobbies, if it’s truly making me miserable then it’s time to cut it out of my life.
  25. Never Stop Wondering Who You Could Become
    Because it’s never too late to change that, and I want to keep trying.

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